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Have us do your credit reports.

Property Management

   *Please see Reforms to Residential Landlord Tenant Relations*


     Are you thinking about selling or maybe just want to rent your house to make some extra income?  Don't sell your house or rent it with out speaking to us first.  Rents are at their highest right now. This current pandemic has increased the rental market.

     Have Polito Realty rent and manage your home in Long Island, New York 


            -Do a full reference and credit check

            -Collect rent (on time)

            -Check your property frequently

            -Receive those 1 a.m. calls to "fix the leak"

            -Check that the trash cans are curbside

            -Check if the snow is removed (to prevent a summons)

            -Supply you with a full income and expense itemized sheet

            -Supply you at the end of the year with a 1099-Misc.



Remember your home is the single most valuable thing you can own, so let us manage and maintain it for you.


   If this solution is for you, please call for information at:

   Sal  516-984-3791         Rick 516-707-5769  


516-735-2224   or   631-592-8797  



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